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In Case You Missed It 2020

In Case You Missed It ... November 2020

Don't Miss TRICARE's Open Season; Take Action Today to Set Up New TRICARE Select Retiree Enrollment Payments; TRICARE Retired Reserve (TRR), TRICARE Reserve Select (TRS) and TRICARE Young Adult (TYA) Premiums to Increase in 2021; How to Make Changes to Your Dental and Vision Plan; Track Your Authorizations and Referrals Online; Don't Forget About Telemedicine Options; November is "Movember" or Men's Health Awareness Month; It's Flu Season; Need Help Making a Healthy Change; The Great American Smokeout is on November 19

  • Created: Nov 6, 2020
  • Modified: Nov 6, 2020
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In Case You Missed It ... October 2020

TRICARE Open Season is Starting Soon; Set Up Automatic Payments for Group A Select Enrollment Fees Today; Avoid Unexpected Costs After an Emergency Room or Urgent Care Visit; Here's What You Need to Know About the Prime Travel Benefit; Self-Service Tools Are Easy and Convenient; Stay Protected by Getting Your Flu Vaccine; October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month; Take Steps to Prepare for a Disaster; Make Your Health a Priority; November is National Diabetes Month and the Great American Smokeout

  • Created: Oct 23, 2020
  • Modified: Oct 23, 2020
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In Case You Missed It ... August 2020

Stay Healthy by Taking Advantage of Telemedicine Options; TRICARE Open Season Starts Nov. 9; Changes Ahead for Group A Select Enrollment Fees; Don't Miss Out on Preventive Health Care; TRICARE Covers Two Types of COVID-19 Testing; Attend a TRICARE Webinar Briefing Online; Review These Summer Tips to Keep You Healthy; Use the Authorization Status Tool to View/Print Determination Letters; Stress Management Teleclass Offered September 2020 Only; Participate in Health Learning From the Comfort of Home

  • Created: Aug 28, 2020
  • Modified: Aug 28, 2020
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In Case You Missed It ... July 2020

TRICARE's Response to COVID-19 and What it Means For You; Changes Coming for Some TRICARE Select Retired Beneficiaries; Connect with a Telemedicine Provider; Do You Want to Join the Fight Against COVID-19; Protecting Yourself from Fraud; Dedicated Fetal Surgery Support Line; TENS Treatment Excluded for Lower Back Pain; Using the Authorization Status Tool; A Convenient Way to Learn to Make a Healthy Change; Resources for Anxiety, Stress Management and Coping with Uncertainty

  • Created: Jul 17, 2020
  • Modified: Jul 17, 2020
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In Case You Missed It ... June 2020

Automatic Referral and Authorization Extensions; Telemedicine Updates in Response to COVID-19; COVID-19 Myths Vs. Facts; Using Expired ID Cards; Catastrophic Cap Credit; Copayments Waived for COVID-19 Testing and Antibody Testing; Keep DEERS Up to Date; Substance Use Disorder and TRICARE; Register for Health Teleclasses Today; Do You Have or Think You May Have Asthma

  • Created: Jun 25, 2020
  • Modified: Jun 25, 2020
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In Case You Missed It ... April 2020

Understanding COVID-19 Symptoms and Getting Care; Non-Emergent Dental and Medical Appointments Postponed; Telemedicine Benefit; COVID-19 Testing Kit Scam; Don’t Miss Out on Your TRICARE Information; Attend TRICARE Webinar Briefings Online; Using Self-Service Web Tools From Home; Handling Emotional Responses Amid COVID-19; Register Today for Health Teleclasses; Take Charge of Your Health

  • Created: Apr 17, 2020
  • Modified: Apr 17, 2020
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In Case You Missed It ... March 2020

Public Safety Alert: Coronavirus; Learn About TRICARE's Right of First Refusal; TRICARE Enrollment Payment Options; Getting Care While on Active Duty; What You Need to Know About Qualifying Life Events; Access TRICARE Publication Materials; Get to Know Your TRICARE Pharmacy Options; Take Advantage of Self-Service Tools to Access TRICARE Information; March is National Nutrition Month; Register for Health Teleclasses Today


  • Created: Mar 20, 2020
  • Modified: Mar 19, 2020
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In Case You Missed It ... January 2020

Making TRICARE Prime and Select Enrollment Changes Outside Open Season; TRICARE Now Covers 3-D Mammogram Screenings; TRICARE Deductibles and Catastrophic Caps; TRICARE Pharmacy Payment Increase; Access Public and Secure Tools Online; Using the Military Health System (MHS) Nurse Advice Line; Keep the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS) Up-to-Date; Automated Calls from HNFS; Get and Stay Healthy This Year – Register for a Telephone-Based Class; Choose Wisely with Choosing Wisely®

  • Created: Jan 17, 2020
  • Modified: Jan 17, 2020
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